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[Lecture] High-dimensional Optical I/O on Silicon Photonics Integration Platform
Jan. 17, 2024
Speaker: Yeyu Tong,Assistant Professor, Microelectronics, Function, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)

Time: 13:30-15:00 p.m., January 17, 2024, GMT+8

Venue: ZOOM ID:904 645 6677, Password:2023


Mode-division multiplexing in optical fibers enables the transmission of multiple orthogonal channels for various applications, including optical interconnects, quantum networks, imaging, and sensing. However, implementing high-dimensional optical fiber systems often requires bulky optics to launch different fiber modes and complex digital electronic signal processing to unscramble the modes within the multimode optical fiber. To address these challenges, we have developed a compact and efficient solution to bridge the few-mode fibers (FMFs) with silicon photonic integrated circuits that support up to eight spatial and polarization channels. High-dimensional and high-bandwidth chip-to-chip optical interconnects can thus be enabled with reconfigurable integrated photonic processors.

Source: School of Physics, PKU