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[Lecture] The Hallmarks of Cancer
Mar. 25, 2024

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Speaker: Douglas Hanahan, PhD, Professor, EPFL Switzerland

Time: 15:00-16:30 p.m., March 25, 2024, GMT+8

Venue: Zoom Meeting ID: 872 9350 8081 (Passcode: 725684)


Dr. Hanahan's research in the past four decades has tremendously shaped the current knowledge of cancer biology. In the 1980s, he worked in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to develop one of the first mouse cancer models, demonstrating the causality of oncogenes in tumorigenesis. His subsequent research then elucidated various aspects of the immune microenvironment in regulating tumor onset and progression. In 2000, Dr. Hanahan co-authored the famous review paper The Hallmarks of Cancer", which conceptually integrated the principles of cancer and has since become a roadmap for the research field. For those seminal achievements, Dr. Hanahan has received numerous honors and is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in the modern era of cancer biology.

Source: School of Life Sciences, PKU