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[Lecture] Modular classes in Poisson and Jacobi geometry
Feb. 22, 2024
Speaker: Aissa Wade (Penn State University, USA)

Time: 21:00-22:00 p.m., February 22, 2024, GMT+8

Venue: ZOOM ID:904 645 6677,   Password:2024 (


The modular class of a Poisson manifold is an element of its first Poisson cohomology group, which measures the obstruction to the existence of a measure on this Poisson manifold that is invariant under all Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms The concept of a modular class was extended to general Lie algebroids by Evens, Lu and Weinstein. Recently, there have been various developments and applications of modular classes of Poisson manifolds and Lie algebroids. The main goal of this talk is to introduce modular classes in the more general setting of Jacobi geometry. We will first give a brief review of modular classes in Poisson geometry, and then we will discuss Jacobi manifolds, Jacobi algebroids, and Gerstenhaber Jacobi algebras. Finally, we will introduce modular classes of Jacobi manifolds and Jacobi algebroids.

Source: Sino Russian Mathematics Center, PKU