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[Lecture] The Regulation of Prostitution as a Challenge
Feb. 26, 2024
Speaker: Alessandro Corda, Associate Professor, Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Queen’s University Belfast School of Law

Time: 19:00-20:30 p.m., February 26, 2024, GMT+8

Venue: Room 301, STL Building, Peking University


This lecture will critically examine the challenges inherent in the regulation of prostitution through the lens of the criminal law. We will explore a spectrum of regulatory models, including full criminalization and partial approaches like the so-called “Nordic Model”, aiming to provide a balanced understanding of the legal complexities surrounding sex work. The lecture will delve into the rationales and implications of different regulatory frameworks. By considering social, ethical, and human rights dimensions, the discussion will shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding the different available options to regulate sex work. The talk will encourage an open and thoughtful exploration of the complexities surrounding the intersection of criminal law and prostitution regulation, shedding light on the complexities faced by scholars, lawmakers, and reform advocates.

Source: School of Transnational Law, PKU