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[Conference] The Behavioral Science in Action (BeSA) Conference 2024——Advancing Health Interventions
Jun. 24, 2024
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Time: Jun 24, 2024, GMT+8

Venue: Guanghua School of Management, PKU


The BeSA Conference held by Guanghua School of Management, PKU, aims to provide a platform for communication and collaboration among behavioral scientists, policymakers, and industry practitioners to jointly promote the development of behavioral science and policy intervention applications. The Behavioral Science in Action (BeSA) Conference 2024 themed "Advancing Health Interventions" focuses on exploring the intersection between behavioral science and health science. Academic researchers, policy analysts, and industry practitioners interested in these areas are welcome to register.

Conference Program:

[ Morning session: Behavioral Studies on Health-related Decisions ]

08:00-08:20  Registration

08:20-08:30  Opening Remarks 
Chair: Juanjuan Meng, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University 

08:30-09:20  Keynote Speech 1: Open Questions on Behavioral Health Economics
Speaker: Uri Gneezy, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

09:20-10:10  Keynote Speech 2: How You Pay Drives What You Choose: Health Savings Accounts versus Cash in Health Insurance Plan
Speaker: Junjian Yi, National School of Development, Peking University

10:10-10:20  Coffee Break 

10:20-10:50  Presentation 1: Forced Displacement, Mental Health, and Child Development: Evidence from the Rohingya Refugees
Speaker: Abu Siddique, Royal Holloway, University of London

10:50-11:20  Presentation 2: Telemedicine Integrated Care vs. In-Person Care Mode: A Comprehensive Comparison of a Retrospective Cohort Study in Patients with Short Stature
Speaker: Yipei Wang, Healthcare Management Research Institute, Peking University Third Hospital
11:20-11:50  Presentation 3: Advise Others before Making Your Own Food Choice: An Experimental Investigation
Speaker: Liying Zhang, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

11:50-12:20  Presentation 4: Overcoming Medical Overuse with AI Assistance: An Experimental Investigation
Speaker: Lian Xue, Economics and Management School, Wuhan University

[ Afternoon session: Behavioral Industry and Behavioral Intervention ]

14:00-14:50   Keynote Speech 3: Health Data Science Aids in Kidney Disease Management
Speaker: Luxia Zhang, National Institute of Health Data Science, Peking University

14:50-15:00  Coffee Break    

15:00-15:30  Presentation 5: 2024 iKang Healthcare Group Beijing Urban Population Health Report Release
Speaker: Hua Liu , iKang Healthcare Group

15:30-16:00  Presentation 6: Medical Large Model Application Learning and Service Practice
Speaker: Director of Baidu Smart Medical

16:00-16:30  Presentation 7
Speaker: Director of Tencent Healthcare

16:30-17:30 Industry-University-Research Discussion Salon

Register: Click "" or scan QR code below to enroll.

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1. The detailed schedule is subject to the day's events.
2. The conference program is divided into two sessions, with English being the designated language for the morning session and Chinese for the afternoon session.
3. Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses, except for the conference lunch. The conference will not charge any registration fee.

Conference Consultation Email:

Source: Guanghua School of Management, PKU