Sep. 13, 2010
Leo KoGuan Building of PKU Law School Inaugurated
Peking University, Sept. 13, 2010: On Sept. 11, the inauguration ceremony oftheLeo KoGuan Building of Peking University Law School was held in the Lecture Hall of the building.Sponsored by Dr. Leo KoGuan, Chairman of the Leo KoGuan Foundation and Honorary Trustee of PKU, the new...
Jul. 08, 2010
Commencement Days
Peking University, July 8, 2010: With a universal vision and a down-to-earth spirit, PKU's graduates step out into the wider world as Commencements concluded.The graduation ceremonies for PKU undergraduate and graduate students of Class of2010 were held on July 7 and 8 respective...
Jul. 02, 2010
PKU Establishes Confucianism Research Institute
Peking University, June 30, 2010: Peking University announced the founding of a Confucianism Research Institute Tuesday to promote academic studies about traditional culture and explore the contemporary significance of Confucian studies, The Beijing News reports.Prof. Tang Yijie...
Jun. 22, 2010
Yao Yang: Authoritarianism Not Key to China's Economic Success
Peking University, June 22, 2010: The Global Times published an article Monday on China's "economic success" by Prof. Yao Yang of PKU National School of Development. Below is the full text.International observers frequently link China's economic success to authoritarianism. When...
Jun. 21, 2010
Fragments of Past Come Alive for Anniversary
Peking University, June 21, 2010: If Peking University witnessed China’s modern history, so did the Yanyuan Garden, once part of the complex of “Garden of Gardens” and now the PKU campus. Today, PKU School of Archaeology and Museology joins the move to bring the lost history back...
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