May. 21, 2010
Star Devouring Hottest-Known Alien Planet
Peking University, May 21, 2010: The hottest-known planet in our galaxy is being stretched into the shape of a football and rapidly consumed by its parent star, new observations from the Hubble Space Telescope show.The extrasolar planet on the cosmic menu, called WASP-12b, may on...
May. 20, 2010
First Government Innovation Forum Held in PKU
Peking University, Beijing, May 19, 2010: On May 14, the opening lecture of Government Innovation Forum was jointly held by the PKU Center for Chinese Government Innovations and the PKU Association for Government Innovation in Peking University.Prof. Yu KepingThe lecturer was Pro...
May. 16, 2010
Stephen Owen to Inaugurate “Hu Shi Liberal-Arts Lecture Series“
News & Events|About PKU News|Contact|Site SearchPeking University, Beijing, May 14, 2010: For Robert Frost, home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.Hu Shi is, again, back home.On May 24, Stephen Owen, a prominentexpert on China studies and...
May. 14, 2010
Beijing Forum 2010 to Hold Panel Session for Young Students
Peking University, Beijing, May 13, 2010: For the first time in seven years, Beijing Forum, an annual event for communication and exchanges from academia across the world, will hold special panel sessions on youth matters.On May 11, the Agreement Signing Ceremony for Beijing Foru...
May. 14, 2010
PKU People's Hospital Extends First-Prize Winning Streak to Three
Peking University, Beijing, May 12, 2010: On April 19, Beijing Medical Insurance Management Center held its 2009 summarization convention at the Beijing Conference Center. At the conference, full recognition was given to basic medical insurance designated medical institutions wit...
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