May. 16, 2024
Wang Jian’s group and collaborators discover multi-charge superconductivity
Multi-charge superconductivity in kagome superconductor ring devices Peking University, May 16, 2024: Superconductivity, characterized by the quantization of magnetic flux in units of the charge-2e Cooper pair flux quantum (h/2e), is an extremely important macroscopic phase cohe...
May. 14, 2024
Tracing the pawsteps of the North China leopard
Peking University, May 14, 2024: The North China leopard (Panthera pardus japonensis), one of the world's nine subspecies of leopards, is endemic to China and mainly distributed in the northern parts of the nation. Due to human activities, the species has undergone substantial ra...
May. 07, 2024
Spearheaded by Peking University, China Air Pollution Data Center launched
Homepage of the China Air Pollution Data Center (CAPDC).Peking University, May 7, 2024:While significant strides have been made in improving air quality in China through regulations like the Clean Air Act issued in 2013, air pollution has become increasingly complex. Despite nota...
Apr. 29, 2024
Research presents new method to map cells
Peking University, April 29, 2024: Due to the high transparency of cells, it is very difficult to observe the organelles within them. Biologists can label specific organelles for observation through fluorescence staining. This is somewhat analogous to being in an environment with...
Apr. 22, 2024
Scientists probe land subsidence risks for cities in China
China is not immune to land subsidence risks, PKU researchers have found.
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