Apr. 19, 2024
PKU scientists identify how neurons in mammals encode time
BEIJING -- A group of Chinese scientists identified how a specific region of neuron clusters in a mammal's brain encodes the time of the day, a finding that lend to new clues to decipher human being's biological clock design at a systematic level.The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN...
Apr. 15, 2024
How does aging start? PKU scientists explain
Peking University, April 15, 2024: Aging, a phenomenon that affects every individual, is a natural part of the human condition but one that often induces anxiety. These feelings are paired with health conditions and illnesses that accompany the aging process, all of which decreas...
Apr. 11, 2024
Did climate chaos cultivate or constrain 2023's greenery?
PKU scientists analyze the interplay between vegetation greening and climate change
Mar. 21, 2024
Tiny magnetic implants enable wireless healthcare monitoring
Peking University, March 21, 2024: A millimeter-scale, chip-less, and battery-less implant can wirelessly monitor a series of parameters within your body and communicate with a wearable device attached to the skin.In a study published in the journal Science Advances on March 20...
Mar. 13, 2024
Research offers a new glimpse into high-temperature superconductor
Physical Review X reports Wang Nanlin and collaborators’ work on photoinduced nonequilibrium response of stripe-ordered cuprate La2-xBaxCuO4Peking University, March 13, 2024: The discovery of transient, light-induced superconductivity in high-temperature superconducting cuprates...
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