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(W.E. Talk) Peking University professor: A strong China won't seek hegemony
Jun. 08, 2022
Peking University, June 8, 2022: In recent years, with China's rise, some differing voices have emerged. Some people say a strong China must seek hegemony, resulting in a "clash of civilizations" with Western society.

Professor Ma Rong, an ethnic theorist in Sociology at Peking University said in the talk show "Cultural Relativity" recently that China is not aggressive in nature.

"Western countries always think that a strong country must seek hegemony. It goes against Chinese tradition. Our tradition is to pursue a pure land while maintaining harmony with surrounding countries. We provide education for all people without discrimination, and honor differences in seeking common ground. The pursuit of Chinese people for a better life is the goal of the country, which is in line with China's ancient precepts," Ma said.