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Boy helping his mother with clean-up work admitted to Peking University
Jul. 29, 2022

A boy who always helped his cleaner mother at a scenic spot in Hunan province has been admitted to Peking University, ThePaper reported on Wednesday.

Zhong Pengchen scored 652 out of 750 in this year's national college entrance exam, or gaokao, and won the place at the prestigious university.

The news of his admission spread like wildfire at the workplace of Lei Xuemei, Zhong's mother, a migrant cleaner at the Tianzishan scenic spot. As soon as Lei arrived at work, everyone congratulated her, who has always been shy of words.

She was lost for words, and her son too didn't say too many words but just silently took the broom from his mother and started cleaning.

"I can finally settle down and help my mother with her work," said Zhong after he heard the good news.

Zhong's parents were both farmers and decided to become migrant workers to support their son to finish his high school. Zhong was quite independent and never made his parents worry about his study. On holidays, he always appeared by his mother's side to help her.

"My dream since primary school was to be admitted to Peking University," said Zhong. Now he has achieved his dream and become his parents' pride.

Zhong generously expressed his sincere love for his parents, "I want to tell my parents that they have worked hard during these years, and I love them very much."