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China's green efforts make impression on student
Oct. 16, 2023
The Belt and Road Initiative will play a crucial role in fostering sustainable development, as China has been dedicated to protecting the environment in its pursuit of development, a student from Kenya said after spending two years studying in Beijing.

Joyce Wambui Kiarie, a student at Yenching Academy of Peking University, said she has gained a deeper understanding of the BRI's contribution to green development and witnessed China's efforts in promoting a balanced urban and rural development during her time in China.

Before being admitted to Peking University, she had obtained a master's degree in international relations from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

At the BFSU, she got an opportunity to visit Jiangxi province to conduct social research on green development in rural China.

Together with other foreign students, she visited the Green Development Talent College of Jiangxi Open University and embarked on a bike-riding trip in Doushui town.

In the town, students were exposed to various types of agricultural technologies. They saw the green house method enables farmers to maximize the land potential and get a good harvest.

"I was captivated by the scenic beauty and embraced this experience as evidence of China's promotion of green economies, carbon emissions reduction, and environmental care," Joyce said.

"The farming methods suited the environment, and we can observe the extensive research behind these techniques and appreciate their positive impact on local residents' income generation and overall development."

This research activity has left a profound impression on Joyce, emphasizing the significance of green rural-urban development for every country.

Before studying in China, she had worked for a Chinese company in her home country, where she began to connect with the BRI.

Initially, her understanding of the BRI was limited to its role in promoting cultural exchanges and regional cooperation. However, her perspective evolved when the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway, built and operated by China Road and Bridge Corporation, was officially opened in 2017.

Consideration to wildlife

The railway, built with Chinese standards, technologies and equipment, is the first one built in Kenya since its independence in 1963, and travels through the country's largest wildlife reserve, the Tsavo National Park, the Nairobi National Park, and other wildlife reserves, demonstrating the consideration given to wildlife protection during both the design and construction phases.

Measures such as the installation of overpasses, culverts, wildlife passages, bridges, and noise barriers demonstrate the commitment to environmental conservation.

"This reflects that the BRI can bring about a lot of progress, and it can play a significant role in fostering sustainable development," Joyce said.

The BRI has been investing in renewable energy projects along its routes, she noted, such as solar and wind farms in participating countries, which can reduce global carbon emissions and combat climate change.

"In my home country, the BRI projects have not only created jobs for locals and improved the livelihoods of many, but also promoted the environment for our people."

She also emphasized the importance of understanding China to avoid misunderstandings regarding the BRI. Despite challenges, she is confident that China and the BRI possess the potential to lead the world toward a green and sustainable future.
China Daily
Written by:
Liu Jinqiao