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A Letter in Reply: The envoy of China-Russia friendship
Jan. 08, 2024

Alexandra Pozhidaeva comes from Russia and is now chief editor of Eyes on China at China Pictorial, China International Communications Group. In 2021, while studying for a master's degree at Peking University, she and other international students at the school jointly wrote a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping to extend their best wishes to the centennial of the Communist Party of China. In June of the same year, they received a reply. In his reply, President Xi said "seeing is believing" and encouraged international students in China to measure China with their footsteps and share what they saw and heard in China with more people. Inspired by the reply, Pozhidaeva made up her mind to become a messenger of China-Russia friendship. She is working in the Chinese media as a foreigner to practice President Xi's words of "telling China's stories well and spreading China's voice well," and show the beautiful and splendid China to the world.