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Jackie Chan, among cast of action comedy 'Ride On,' visits PKU
Apr 13, 2023
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Jackie Chan and Larry Yang posing for pictures with PKU students

Peking University, April 13, 2023: A movie screening of the Chinese action comedy film "Ride On" was held at the Peking University Hall on April 9, 2023, during which the star cast and crew members of the film, led by Jackie Chan and director Larry Yang, visited the University and interacted with PKU students and teachers. 

In the movie, lead actor Jackie Chan stars as a washed-up stuntman who tries to stage a career comeback with his beloved stunt horse. 

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Cast and crew members 'Ride On' 

The film pays homage to the crew members working behind the scenes to deliver adrenaline-packed action scenes to the audience. On top of the action and comedic elements that we have come to expect from his films, this movie is also a heartfelt tribute to Chan’s 60 years in the moviemaking business. 

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Jackie Chan sharing about his 60 years in the film industry

To Chan, the movie encapsulated the first half of his life, his career, his nostalgia towards the golden era of Kungfu movies, and his life’s passion, the actor shared with PKU students. Looking back at the spectacular and dangerous stunts Chan has done for his movies, from hanging upside down from a bell tower in ‘Project A,’ to falling off a 21-story building in ‘Who Am I?’, Chan admitted he always had cold feet before performing each stunt, but when he reminded himself of the audience excitedly anticipating his films, he would be able to muster the courage within him to do the seemingly impossible. Throughout the exchange, there was continued applause from the audience, commending his devotion to film. 

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Larry Yang sharing about the filmmaking process

Larry Yang also shared about the creative motivations behind ‘Ride On.’ The movie is a nod towards the older generation of filmmakers, including the actors and directors in the limelight and the crew members working behind the scenes. As he stands on the shoulders of giants, Yang wishes to convey his love for film to the rest of the world through ‘Ride On,’ in hopes that the era of Kungfu movies will never come to an end. 

Written by: Chan Zi Qing
Edited by: Su Huangyi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)