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Hit documentary series hosts talks with students at Peking University
Nov 27, 2023
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The talks Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

The popular Chinese documentary series China, produced by Hunan TV and Mango TV, visited Peking University for a public screening and hosted a talk with students, marking the latest stop in the series' campus tour across the country.

Young students from Peking University, the creative team of the documentary, and experts and scholars gathered in the Centennial Lecture Hall of Peking University to share their insights about the series.

If the first and second seasons of the popular series gave the audience an understanding from 0 to 1 about the creation, images, and style, then the third season represents another breakthrough in creativity. It offers audiences a unique viewing experience, inviting them on a journey into the ancient world with a charismatic narrator as their guide.

Yang Chenghu, deputy dean and professor at the School of Art and Media of Beijing Normal University, believes that the documentary China is not merely a "record action"; it represents a cultural contemplation, leading us to explore the roots of cultural confidence.

In the view of Lü Fan, deputy director of the TV Research Center at Peking University, it is a work of conscience. He says, "A good work should reach from afar to near, a better work should extend from me to us, and the best work should travel from the brain to the heart."

"Encouraging young people to instinctively connect with Chinese culture is the true value of the documentary China today," he added.
Global Times