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Remembering Latte the Cat
Jan 05, 2024
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We regretfully share that our beloved Latte the Cat has passed away, now a cherished angel in heaven. Latte, the captivating calico cat with an endearing patch under her mouth resembling a tiny tongue, exuded sheer adorableness. Her love for sunbathing often made her look like a latte-flavored dessert from afar.

Latte's sweet demeanor and seemingly forlorn expression won the hearts of many students, receiving affectionate care and becoming an adored, cuddly companion. However, as a stray cat, her nights were still spent in quiet darkness.
In September 2023, the Peking University Lost Angel Association began to look for an owner to adopt Latte. When a suitable home was found, Latte could not be found. It turned out that she had stumbled into in a storeroom and trapped herself inside. Despite resettling into a new home, Latte struggled to adapt to the new environment and was eventually brought back to the school campus.
Unfortunately, Latte passed away on January 3, 2024, after suffering a lethal dog attack. We had been fervently hoping to find Latte a secure, comfortable, and loving home. Farewell, Latte. May you find eternal warmth in cat paradise.

Written by: Aden Tan
Edited by: Su Huangyi
Photos by: PKU Lost Angel Association