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Hello, 2024 | PKUers' New Year's resolutions
Jan 05, 2024
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Editor's note: We ask student journalists with Peking University's Office of Global Communications (OGC) about their plans and anticipations for 2024, and the following is what they share.

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∆ Chen Chuyun, a doctoral student from Peking University Health Science Center

1. Do stuff that will get me out of my comfort zone. 
2. Get an internship and challenge new field.

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∆ Vissly Chan, a third-year student from the School of Government

Love life a little more each day, with longer sleep hours (pulling less all-nighters), and continue to be motivated to work harder. In sum, to be happy, healthy and a high GPA! 

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∆ Xiaowen, from the School of Software & Microelectronics

To get through those difficult situations and regain inner peace.

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∆ See Tian Ai, a fourth-year student from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature

My hope for the New Year is that it will be a year of health and happiness, that I will be able to do more of the things I love, and that I will meet more interesting and wonderful people!

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∆ Fan Xueyuan, a doctoral student from the School of Foreign Languages

This year I resolve to resist the allure of procrastination and maintain a healthy work-life balance. I am determined to make steady progress to my tasks rather than frantic catch-up before deadlines.

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∆ Nikita Van Heerden, from the Department of Information Management

My New Year's resolution for 2024 is to become more organized and efficient in my studies and daily routine. Being organized not only helps me to manage my time better but also reduces stress and helps me to focus more effectively. It also allows me to have more free time for other interests and hobbies while exploring as much of Peking University as possible. I want to take advantage of all the resources and opportunities that the University has to offer, from the various clubs and organizations, to the cultural and social events.

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∆ Aden Tan Shen Yeh, an undergrad from the School of International Studies 

Work hard, play hard! Be the best version of myself!

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∆ Khoo Yeu Her, a graduate student from the School of New Media

To embrace every up and down, risk and opportunity. Enjoy my student life to the fullest. And of course, be healthy as always! 

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∆ Muhammad Azam, an undergrad from the Yuanpei College

First (thing is) to graduate and then climb a mountain I failed to climb last year.

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∆ Quah Rui Qi Rachel, an undergrad from the School of Journalism and Communication

I hope to be able to have more diverse experiences, travelling to various places to learn and explore. Discover my true passion, and maintain a continuous enthusiasm and determination in life. Lastly, I wish for health and happiness for my family and friends.

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∆ Rashed Abdulla, a graduate student from the School of Computer Science

My New Year's resolution is to strike a balance between enjoying my time exploring China and staying committed to my studies. 

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∆ Taís Bahia, a doctoral student from the School of Education

Over the past decade, I've been cultivating a career centered on Brazil-China relations. With this commitment, I aim to establish stronger connections between PKU and Brazilian institutions, fostering engagement among students interested in gaining deeper insights into China.

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∆ Aden Tan, a third-year student from the School of International Studies

I'm halfway through my exchange in Japan, thrilled for more adventures and is willing to explore Japan in 2024. Can't wait to meet new friends and reunite with PKU pals!

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∆ Dong Mingyue, a first-year student from the School of transnational Law

Choose what I love, and love what I choose. To be unconditionally confident, even when I am wrong.

Edited by: Dennis Meng