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Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrating Mother’s Day at PKU
May 12, 2024

Peking University, May 12, 2024: As the 110th Mother’s Day approaches, Peking University has organized a series of events to celebrate this special day, which provides students with opportunities to express their heartfelt love and appreciation. 

This year, one of the signature initiatives is “A Letter to Mom”, which encourages PKUers to take a moment out of their daily schedules and craft handwritten messages for their mothers. Additionally, some departments and student associations have coordinated volunteer activities. 

On this special day, volunteers engage with mothers in the local community, teaching painting and playing games with children, thereby strengthening family bonds and offering a platform for children to express gratitude to their mothers. Some departments have also encouraged students to pay tribute to their mothers by writing three-line poems and expressing their emotions in verse in various languages.

While flowers and gifts are thoughtful expressions of appreciation, the true essence of Mother’s Day lies in the cherished time spent together and the heartfelt demonstrations of affection. These creative celebrations aim to foster a deeper appreciation of the immense role mothers play in shaping our lives. 

This Mother’s Day, join us in showing our gratitude to all the extraordinary mothers who continue to inspire us. Happy Mother’s Day! May we cherish them not just today, but every day!

Written by: Zhao Mengyu 
Edited by: Fan Xueyuan
Video by: Sze Yin, Amelyne, Andrena