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Want to be more fit? This class may 'work out'
May 29, 2024
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Peking University, May 29, 2024: In a classroom filled with eager students, the lecture on exercise and nutrition is in full swing. Meanwhile, on the sports field, students are jogging, and in the training center, they are learning rock climbing. In the cafeteria, teachers guide students on a healthy diet. This is not just any ordinary class at Peking University, but a groundbreaking course titled "Physical Fitness Enhancement: Exercise and Diet," which has become the talk of the town among students as the ultimate "weight loss miracle class."

Unlike traditional physical education classes, the course aims to teach students how to achieve weight loss goals in a scientific and healthy manner, the Beijing Youth Daily reported recently.

The weight loss class at Peking University has been running for two years, and it has helped one-third of the students successfully lose over 5 percent of their body weight, with the best record being a student who lost 33 pounds in one semester.

One of the students who enrolled in this class is Lou Yuqian, a 23-year-old undergraduate student. Standing at 175cm tall and weighing 85kg, with a BMI of 26, he was determined to find a scientific way to shed those extra pounds. 

"This course is not only a physical education requirement but also teaches scientific weight-losing methods, it's like it was tailor-made for me," Lou said. 

Due to the high demand for the course, students have to draw lots to secure a spot, and Lou was lucky enough to be selected, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

Another success story is Hou Xiaoyang, who entered Peking University in 2023 weighing 220 pounds with a BMI of 32, was classified as obese. After completing the weight loss course for one semester, he managed to shed 33 pounds, becoming the current record holder for weight loss in the class.

Many students, like Cheng Lu, have tried various methods to lose weight, from following social media influencers' workout routines to trying different diet plans, but with little success. Frustrated with the lack of results, Cheng decided to enroll in the weight loss class.

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The course is divided into theory, exercise training, and live discussions, with Assistant Professor Zhang Xiaoyuan from the Department of Physical Education leading the theoretical lectures and professional trainers guiding students in exercise training.

On a morning in the University cafeteria, students are seen meticulously weighing their breakfast and calculating the calorie content. This hands-on approach to learning about nutrition is just one of the many innovative methods employed in the weight loss class.

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The course has received high praise from students, with many describing it as "progressive and systematic." By incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise into their daily routine, students are not only losing weight but also gaining confidence and adopting healthier lifestyle choices.

This article originally appeared in Global Times with the headline "Peking University students take increasing interest in fitness at weight loss classes".

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