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This is what Peking University sounds like
Jun 07, 2024
Peking University, June 7, 2024: What is your impression of Peking University? Perhaps it might be lecture halls packed with brilliant and eager minds, the sight of elegant egrets cruising over Weiming Lake, or simply students strolling around on campus.

Let's dive into Peking University by tuning in to the sounds of PKU from a student’s perspective! Sounds are an indispensable part of campus life so hurry on and trail our footsteps as we step into the world of sound and listen to the unique melodies of PKU. 

6:00 Sweet Chirps of Birds 

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A day in PKU begins with the crisp and pleasant sound of birds chirping, as they weave together a concerto of distant harmonies, piercing through the morning sunshine.

7:00 Melodious Sounds of Reading

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Melodious sounds of reading, amidst the lush foliage in front of campus buildings, are heard as the early risers read aloud rhythmically, with every sentence lingering around ears and touching hearts.

8:00 Coffee Crafts in Cafés

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Order a steaming cup of freshly ground coffee to rejuvenate your mind while soothing soft music plays in the background. Feelings of excitement and zest are brewed into the swirls of each latte’s craft as you embark on a new day of work with a coffee in hand.

12:00 Bustling Dining Halls

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After the end-of-class bell rings, deciding which dining hall to go to is the hardest assignment. Upon reaching your destination, it’s another round of dilemmas with an array of scrumptious dishes swirling in your mind as you struggle to choose one from too many.

13:00 Gentle Purrs 

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Attracted by a snack offer, the little cat has risen from its nap, with its warm fluffy fur glowing under sunlight. Half-awake, it peeks open its sleepy eyes, softly purring from this relaxing meow-ment.

14:00 Tuning into Teaching Buildings

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As lessons resume, explanations and debates engaged in classrooms ignite sparks of new perspectives and insights. The bell goes off and class is dismissed, but your mind continues to reflect and expand on the intriguing pieces of newfound knowledge.

16:00 Tuning into the Gymnasium

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Matches and confrontations ensue on the courts. There’s a symphony of ‘thuds’ — it could be the ball against the floor, the hurried footsteps across the court, or perhaps the energetic heartbeats of youths as they boast their athletic edge. 

20:30 Post-Screening Discussions

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The weekly Wednesday night film screening is a cherished time with Professor Dai as she delves into analytic discussions on cinematic art and provides food for thought. You travel through lenses of characters you’ve never seen and dive deep into society, leaving the theatre with refreshed outlooks on life. 

21:00 Chorus in Jing Yuan

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On a serene night, you sit on the ground in Jing Yuan and gather around with friends as you sing your hearts out. These are choruses of the youths as they belt out laughter and tears while singing about their passions and dreams. 

22:00 Closing the Library 

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Gentle music fades into every corner of the library, dropping you an endearing reminder at its closing time — regardless of how busy you are, don't forget to rest well. You pack up your belongings, as well as a day of fatigue. Have a good night’s rest, and tomorrow will be another fresh start.

These are the sounds of Peking University, each carrying a unique story that immerses you in the tapestry of campus life. While some may have faded with the wind, they continue to resonate deeply, capturing the essence of PKU that lingers in the hearts of many.

Written by: Zhang Ying
Edited by: Fan Xueyuan
Source: School of Journalism and Communication; PKU News & Media Center