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PKU125 | PKU International Alumni Homecoming Party held
May 05, 2023
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PKU 125th Anniversary International Alumni Homecoming Party

Peking University, May 4, 2023: International alumni from across the world gathered at the PKU Hall to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Peking University (PKU) on May 4, 2023. 

Themed "Eternal Campus — Peking University Invites You Back Home," the event was graced by University leaders, including PKU President Gong Qihuang, who joined some 30 alumni representatives hailing from 15 countries and regions in reflecting on their fond memories and experiences at the University. 

Hosted by Anzelika Smirnova, a Ph.D. candidate from the School of Journalism and Communication, the celebration lasted for nearly two hours, during which PKUers watched the premiere screening of the short film “Pride: Know U Can Make It” and listened to the stories of four notable alumni who are Moustapha Saphariny, Shinko Hayashi, and the Lindesay Brothers.

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Wang Bo

During the event, PKU Vice President and Provost Wang Bo made a speech to emphasize the global reach of the University by stating that PKU has been cultivating innovative talents to create a solid network and inspiring many fellow international students to continue chasing opportunities in experiencing the warmth and richness of the University. While highlighting the true meaning of “campus,” Wang concluded the speech by saying that PKU will forever remain in PKUers’ hearts.

The highlight of the party, the short film, adds weight to the subject as it shows how international students navigate the unique atmosphere of PKU as they strive to seek adventure, friendship, comfort, and courage throughout three different timelines. In the end, the film offers international students a broad reflection of what makes PKU special and how students can be encouraged to be passionate and tolerant of Chinese culture.

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Moustapha Saphariny, Shinko Hayashi and the Lindesay Brothers

Towards the third segment of the party, Saphariny and the other alumni managed to share their stories of how they have come to love PKU and found a purpose in bridging the cultural gap between China and their countries. Both Saphariny and Hayashi went on to become prominent figures in the foreign policy and education field respectively while the Lindesay Brothers continued upon their father’s wishes to run along the Great Wall post-graduation. Each of their stories helps to remind PKUers that the School will always act as a second home and provide special meanings to its students.
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Launching ceremony of the PKU International Career Mentoring Program

Following the speeches, PKU officials and alumni representatives jointly launched the PKU International Career Mentoring Program to implement cohesive career-seeking platforms for international students to seek jobs within and outside of China through the assistance of international alumni.

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The afternoon tea salon left a memorable impression as students sought out counseling from alumni to inquire about their studies and career opportunities. Simultaneously, two alumni happily agreed to an interview and shared their perspectives on PKU’s 125th anniversary.

Kim MinKwan, a South Korean alumnus from the School of Economics, was delighted to participate in the event and meet several classmates from his time in school, adding that he hoped to see PKU expands its global influence in the future and serve as a strong pillar of China’s international education.

Filiz Unal, Turkish alumnus from the School of International Studies, commented that her experience acting in the short film motivated her to strengthen the cultural exchange between China and Turkey to which she believed that PKU can constantly maintain its integrity and support future PKUers with an effective career platform.

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Afternoon Tea Salon

In the journey ahead, PKU will fully commit to constructing viable pathways for international students to enrich their dreams in China through the power of education and culture.

Written by: Vincent Jeong
Edited by: Dennis Meng
Source: International Students Division, Office of International Relations of Peking University