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Beijing Forum calls for harmony of civilizations
Nov 07, 2023
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Guests attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Forum 2023. 

Mutual respect, mutual understanding, and mutual assistance while pursuing common development on an independent basis is the key to today's world, said experts and scholars at the Beijing Forum held the capital on Friday.

Speaking of how global collaboration can shape digital intelligence and increase digital access, Paul Alivisatos, president of the University of Chicago, said he is confident that colleges and universities are well-positioned to lead in these areas — and maximize the opportunities provided by new, transformative technologies — because we are driven by values of public service, research for the common good, and inclusive excellence.

"The future of our digital environment depends on global collaboration and cooperation, a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and ethics, multidisciplinary research that is focused on real-world applications, and opportunities for lifelong learning. This thoughtful, united and deliberate approach will lead to transformative knowledge that continues to evolve the way we train the next generation of leaders and workers to thrive in a digital world," said Alisatos.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the forum, Irina Bokova, former director-general, UNESCO, said it is quite propitious that the forum follows the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and to engage again in the global debate about living together in peace and mutual understanding in a fragile world.

"Over millennia, the wondrous story of the Silk Road has been one of encounters – between people, cultures, religions and knowledge. These encounters have shaped civilizations over the ages… catalyzing inventions… fertilizing intellectual scholarship. They gave birth to literary and scientific treasures, to traditions and artistic practices that have been passed across generations," said Bokova.

"We must understand that diverse civilizations have the capacity to coexist in harmony, and it is through this harmony that prosperity can be achieved for all of humanity. Particularly in the midst of today's turbulent international political landscape, it is crucial to maintain a positive stance towards civilizations," said Yukio Hatoyama, former prime minister of Japan and president of East Asian Community Institute.

Themed "The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All: Inheritance and Mutual Learning", this year's Beijing Forum was held from Nov 3-5, with 16 sub-forums and four special sessions.
China Daily
Written by:
Zhao Manfeng