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Peking University International Communication Certificate Program held
Dec 08, 2023
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Editor's note: In September 1952, Peking University (PKU) welcomed its inaugural group of 14 foreign students, marking the initiation of international education during China's new era. Since then, over 110,000 students from 195 countries have studied at the University, embarking on educational pursuits before venturing into the global arena.

In commemoration of Peking University's 2023 Global Engagement Year, the School of Journalism and Communication, in collaboration with the Office of International Relations, organized the "Mountains and Seas Not Far from Yanyuan Campus — Peking University International Communication Certificate Program for International Students" from November 4 to December 4, 2023. International students at PKU were invited to engage in specialized lectures, enterprise visits, and academic salons, providing them with an immersive understanding of China. Among the participants was Jawad Shabbir, a Pakistani Ph.D. scholar at the School of Earth and Space Science and a journalist for PKU News, who shares his experiences and the voices of his counterparts in this article.

Peking University, December 7, 2023: Our members, hailing from 10 different nations, play a crucial role in advancing innovation, breaking down barriers, and laying the groundwork for future generations. A better future is made possible by their commitment, ingenuity, and unwavering dedication to enhancing learning opportunities for all students.

Peking University, as a driving force behind innovation, cultural preservation, cross-border collaboration, and mutual learning, steadfastly upholds the values of globalization. The institution continues to open its educational offerings, constantly enhancing students' capacity for cross-cultural understanding, instilling a commitment to lifelong learning, promoting collaboration across borders, and nurturing individual and global growth.

The program aims to elevate talent quality and further advance the initiative to enhance global shaping power. Students from 10 different countries participated in this distinctive program, gaining new insights into China.

As the month-long program concluded, students expressed their personal perspectives on China, acknowledging and appreciating the extraordinary achievements made by the Chinese leadership across various domains, including infrastructure, technology, economic development, clean and green energy, environmental protection, and poverty alleviation. 

The echoes of "paving a road through mountains and build a bridge across the sea, in Chinese, '为山开路,为海搭桥'" reverberate, symbolizing the University's ongoing commitment to paving the way through challenges and building bridges across borders.

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Feedback from participants:

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The author (right) receives the program certificate

Jawad Shabbir (Pakistan)

I am grateful to the School of Journalism and Communication and the Office of International Relations at Peking University for their unwavering efforts and dedication in introducing this fantastic program. This program has been an invaluable asset to my career because it has given me the knowledge and abilities I require to excel in the modern, globalized world. I was able to learn more about various cultures and how to interact with people from various backgrounds, thanks to PKU. 

It's also a fantastic way to connect with other professionals in the field through networking. With this program, we had the chance to interact with and gain knowledge from ten different nationalities whose interests and objectives align with our own. It was a good opportunity to understand Chinese leadership qualities and their performance.

Stephen Essien (Ghana)

I would like to express deep gratitude for the enriching experience provided by the School of Journalism and Communications, as well as the International Relations Office at PKU. The insights gained through the International Communications certificate program, combined with the interdisciplinary approach and expert guidance, have expanded my academic horizons and equipped me with practical skills crucial for the global arena. 

The vibrant academic community and collaborative learning environment at PKU significantly contribute to a wholly fulfilling educational journey. I shall forever be an agent of this noble institution and also share the good things experienced in Ghana.

Mikal Filipos (Eritrea)

The International Communication certificate offered by the School of Journalism provided an insightful look into China. It allowed us to experience Chinese culture as well as learn about how we can promote a positive image of China to the world. It also allowed us to interact and discuss with other international students from various schools.

This article was featured in the special coverage of PKU's Global Engagement Year.

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Written by: Jawad Shabbir
Edited by: Dennis Meng
Photos by: Jawad Shabbir