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Featured | Being a 'bridge' of China-Europe cultural exchange
May 14, 2024

Peking University, May 14, 2024: How to act as a bridge to promote friendship and cultural exchanges between China and Europe? The youth's perspective adds charm.

Daan de Groot and Iyad Sarroukh, Dutch students at Peking University Guanghua School of Management, came to China for the Future Leaders Program. Ancient architecture, high-speed rail, delicious cuisine, everything in China amazes them. Daan said, "If you have never been to China, you don't really know what China really is like. So that's kind of the reason why I came to China. I want to see for myself, I can really experience the culture and meet Chinese people, learn the language." Iyad said, "The exchange program helps us actually learn about the culture, understand what is happening in China, and really get an insider view, which is very essential to actually bridge the gap."

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