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UCL President Michael Spence visits Peking University
May 17, 2024
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Peking University, May 16, 2024: Michael Spence, president and provost of University College London (UCL), led a delegation to Peking University (PKU) on May 13, 2024. PKU President Gong Qihuang along with Vice Presidents Dong Zhiyong and Fang Fang met with the delegation.

During the meeting, Gong welcomed Spence and his delegation, who had visited Peking University last May, and appreciated UCL's hospitality during PKU delegation's visit to UCL last year. He highlighted the strong collaborative partnerships between the two universities in various fields, such as archaeology, management, education, medicine, humanities, and social sciences. With effective communication mechanisms, the two institutions have achieved fruitful results, Gong noted. 

Looking ahead, Gong stressed that PKU will further strengthen exchanges with UCL, aiming to deepen and broaden collaborative initiatives, particularly regarding the strategic cooperation seed fund, area studies and economics, making greater contributions to international academic exchanges and talent cultivation.

Spence expressed his gratitude for the invitation and praised PKU's openness and cooperation endeavours. He noted the importance of cooperating with Chinese institutions to tackle transnational issues and remarked that PKU is one of UCL's most important strategic partners. He looked forward to deepening and widening the two universities' academic exchanges across various fields, based on mutual trust and reciprocity.

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The signing ceremony

Following the meeting, Gong and Spence signed a new memorandum of understanding. The signing ceremony was witnessed by representatives from both universities.

Written by: Chen Litsai
Edited by: Fan Xueyuan 
Source: PKU Office of International Relations