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PKU and WHU students benefit from online lecture on careers in international organizations

MAY . 29 2020
Peking University, May 29, 2020: On May 17, Professor Zhang Haibin, vice dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University (PKU) and director of International Organizations and International Public Policy Program, was invited to give a lecture on the past, present, and the reform of international organizations through a webinar co-organized by the Student Career Centers of PKU and Wuhan University (WHU).

The event is the fruit of the employment reciprocity program initiated in April by the Ministry of Education. It aims to set up a one-on-one supportive system between universities in Hubei and other parts of China. PKU has so far started seven online programs to help WHU graduates find jobs.

The lecture covered a brief history of the development of international organizations, including the definition of their basic concepts, an analysis of the historical background, as well as an interpretation of their development trend supported by statistics.

In his lecture, Zhang started by sharing a few stories he had with WHU in his past study and work. Then he mentioned some recent news about international organizations, before going into the history of international organizations and the roles they played in different period of time. After that, he discussed with the audience about the prospects of global cooperation and international organizations amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

From the perspective of realism, liberalism, and constructivism, Zhang made an interpretation of the roles international organizations play and an analysis of the crisis and challenges they currently face. As he pointed out, although international organizations are now playing roles that are restricted by various factors, they are still indispensable in global governance in the sense that they act as platforms for multilateral dialogue, as think tanks of human society, and as unbiased international rule-setters. Zhang also elaborated on the interaction between China and international organizations, saying that China is taking an active part in global governance and playing a more notable role in international organizations.

As Zhang wrapped up his lecture, he encouraged students to hone their language skills and expertise, thus paving the way for landing a job in international organizations.

Written by: Zhang Jingxuan
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)