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Meet Peking University’s “Students of the Year 2023”
Dec 27, 2023
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Peking University, December 27, 2023: The winners of “PKU Students of the Year 2023” were recently unveiled after several rounds of selection. “PKU Students of the Year 2023” is an annual award that recognizes the commitment of individual PKU students to the University and society with their exceptional academic, extra-curricular, and community service achievements. From exploring cutting-edge scientific research to engaging in social practice, these outstanding PKUers have demonstrated the integrity, leadership, and innovative spirit of PKU youth. Let us get closer to these ten young people from Peking University and learn about their brilliant life.

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Yu Mengshi
Doctoral Student from the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

In 2019, Yu Mengshi chose to focus on controllable preparation of semiconductor materials due to challenges in China’s semiconductor technology. During her studies, she received multiple awards and published 10 SCI papers. Yu Mengshi and her team developed a new method for constructing two-dimensional fin field-effect transistors using independently developed semiconductor materials. These transistors demonstrate performance comparable to high-end commercial chips, making significant contributions to the field of new-architecture devices.

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Wang Xinyi
Undergraduate from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature

After joining the military in 2020, she excelled as a helmsman on the Liaoning aircraft carrier and completed numerous training missions. Even after leaving the military, she continues to contribute to the University’s development and encourage younger students to join the endeavor of national defense.

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Mao Yaqing
Doctoral Student from the School and Hospital of Stomatology

Mao Yaqing is dedicated to popularizing and disseminating health knowledge, actively participating in oral health promotion, and creating popular science works. She puts theory into practice, providing voluntary medical consultations and engaging in international cooperation. As a member of the Peking University doctoral student lecture team, she conveys the voice and power of the new era and new youth of China.

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Liu Xin
Doctoral Student from the School of Journalism & Communication

Liu Xin uses documentaries to tell her “Chinese stories”. Her works, such as The Blue Defensive Line and 76 Days, have won worldwide awards and nominations at film festivals. She has received numerous academic awards and honors, such as the Peking University President’s Scholarship and so on. Liu Xin also actively contributes to the development of the communication industry and international practices.

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Zhang Tianyi
Doctoral Student from the School of Economics

From a Peking University student to the owner of the “Baman” rice noodle brand, Zhang Tianyi embraced entrepreneurship. He broke traditional boundaries, expanding his business in dine-in, delivery, e-commerce, and retail. His digital project for rural revitalization won the gold medal in the final round of the 7th China International “Internet+” College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Zhang Tianyi always keeps in mind the responsibility entrusted to Peking University students and remains true to the original aspiration of “benefiting the world and the people.”

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Shao Shihao
Doctoral student from the School of Basic Medical Sciences 

Shao Shihao focuses on interdisciplinary studies, exploring the fusion of medicine and AI. He has won numerous championships and gold medals on the international artificial intelligence and data mining competition platform Kaggle, earning the title “Kaggle Competitions Master”. He won the Huawei Cloud Alzheimer’s Classification Challenge and collaborated with Google on image retrieval, setting a new accuracy record. He also volunteers for public welfare and provides software development courses.

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Chen Xi
Doctoral Student from Fourth Clinical Hospital

Chen Xi diligently pursued excellence in his studies, earning a national scholarship, the May Fourth Scholarship, and so on. As a medical professional, he bravely confronted the COVID-19 outbreak, treating over 500 patients and assisting in over 300 surgeries during his doctoral studies. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of joint fibrosis and published over 15 papers in top-tier journals. In addition to his academic and research pursuits, he has successfully started his own business and participated in the development of a new method and model for drug target screening.

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Jiang Guangyuan
Undergraduate from Yuanpei College

Jiang Guangyuan delves into academia and explores the boundaries of interdisciplinary studies. He has received multiple awards and joined the team led by Zhu Yixin at the AI Research Institute in his freshman year, dedicating himself to research at the intersection of cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Jiang Guangyuan has published four papers at top international conferences such as NeurIPS and ICML, and has been invited to serve as a reviewer for prestigious conferences. As one of the first members of the Yuanpei Honors Program, Jiang Guangyuan actively participates in practical courses. He initiated the Tongzhi Talk series of academic lectures to promote interdisciplinary exchanges, inviting top domestic and international scholars to share cutting-edge research.

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Yuan Xiaoqiu
Undergraduate from Second Clinical Hospital

Yuan Xiaoqiu is rooted in clinical practice, striving to solidify her theoretical foundation and actively grow through practical experience. She has assisted in more than 100 surgeries and received recognition for her contributions. Yuan Xiaoqiu goes beyond boundaries in medical research, focusing on Multiple Primary Lung Cancer and addressing health issues in Tibet. She has published three first-author/co-first-author papers in SCI journals. Yuan Xiaoqiu has held leadership positions in multiple student organizations and promotes health education. She actively participates in volunteer work, accumulating over 500 hours of service.

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Geng Haoran
Undergraduate from the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science

Geng Haoran is an undergraduate student of Turing Class, excelling academically with multiple honors. His research achievements include eight published papers in top conferences and journals, with 2 receiving best paper nominations and spotlight awards. He actively contributes to the academic community as a reviewer for international computer conferences. Geng Haoran also focuses on personal growth, and participating in sports and arts. He engages in volunteer services and puts into practice what he has learned. His dedication began at Turing Class and extends beyond campus.

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The stories above serve as a perfect depiction of the spirits of PKUers and their devotion to serving their community and the country. They encourage other PKU youth to enrich their individual life by devoting themselves to meaningful undertakings.

Written by: Wang Yunlin
Edited by: Fan Xueyuan
Source: PKU Official WeChat
Cover photo: Wan Miaomiao