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Wang Liyan: Dedication to Education and Society

NOV . 29 2018
Peking University, Nov. 28, 2018: Wang Liyan, born in February, 1967 in Shanxi Province, is a professor at Guanghua School of Management, accounting PhD advisor, and director of the Center for Responsibility and Social Value. Wang has taught in Peking University since 1985 and has won the honorary title of “2018 Beijing Model Teacher.” Adhering to the principles of “diligence, inner peace, kindness and willingness to add value to others,” Wang dedicates himself not only to teaching and academic research, but also to social welfare services.

Committed to Teaching and Education

During the past few decades, Wang has been teaching the core courses of statistics and accounting first at School of Economics and afterwards at Guanghua School of Management. He currently teaches undergraduate course “Internal Control and Internal Audit” and postgraduate courses “Professional Ethics and Responsibility of Accountants,” “Financial Accounting,” “Internal Control Theory and Practice,” and “Research Methodology of Accounting,” etc.

Wang believes that college teachers are supposed to give priority to education, providing students with enough opportunities of practicing and encouraging them to do research as soon as possible. Peking University Accounting Club, established by students from Guanghua School of Management (GSM) under Wang’s guidance and instructions, runs rather actively together with their own magazine Peking University Accounting Horizon. 

Wang Liyan at work

 To promote the development of accounting major in Chinese universities and send more professionals to society, he also cooperates with Chinese American Guan Dequan in founding “Enterprise Value Research Fund” to support the research of undergraduates and graduates from GSM.

As a professor who has undergone the Cultural Revolution and worked in the countryside and factory, he understands how hard it is to pursue an academic career. Besides he insists on inspiring students rather than filling them with knowledge.

Dedicated to Academic Studies

When it comes to research, Wang Liyan has always been dedicated, strict, and persistent. His current research topics include: the major project of the National Social Science Fund of China “Study on Environmental Accounting Methods for Ecological Value Compensation Standards,” the project of the Beijing Social Science Fund “Support for Tibet from the Capital: Interactive Mode of Listed Companies, Financial Markets and Regional Economy,” and the project of Ministry of Finance “Research on the Environmental Cost from the Perspective of Accounting and Management.”

Wang has also actively promoted Peking University's international exchanges in the field of accounting. As co-chairman, he has hosted international academic conferences at Peking University and published academic papers and academic works. He co-authored with American and Canadian Chinese scholars Accounting, Auditing in China, which is one of the earliest monographs in the field of accounting and auditing after China's reform and opening up. He has hosted the 7th Asian Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference, a major international conference in the field of sustainability and social responsibility reports. Wang was invited to deliver the keynote speech Sustainability and Social Responsibility Reports: Generating Valuable Information, or not?. He is also a member of the Committee of the Experts of China in Education of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and a member of the Institute of Internal Audit (IIA).

Go to Western China and Devote to Public Welfare

Wang is the head deputy officer of GSM Center for Responsibility and Social Value. Apart from research and teaching, he seizes every chance to get involved in charity.

He partakes in Peking University’s voluntary teaching team to Tibet University and has been there for nine times since 2011. He makes the best use of the resources and money he can raise as well as those donated by his school. As a result, a number of libraries and educational facilities are built for students in Dazi, Tibet who are greatly benefited.

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake. Wang can’t be more familiar with the disasters. He has been there for more than ten times as a volunteer teacher. What he cares for is the help he has brought to people in earthquake-stricken areas.

He keeps studying relevant policies and logical decision-making plans for locals. He always thus requires himself: “do more, read more and write more in your field; but be modest, humble and with respect in your life.”

Written by: Nurzat, Shi Jingjing
Edited by: Xu Penghang, Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)