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The 2nd John Hopcroft Scholarship award ceremony for PKU Turing Class held
Jan 10, 2022
Peking University, January 10, 2022: On December 23, 2021, the 2nd John Hopcroft Scholarship award ceremony for PKU Turing Class was held at Peking University. Prof. John Hopcroft, director of PKU’s Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies; Prof. Hu Zhenjiang, vice dean of PKU’s School of Electronics and Computer Science; and Prof. Wang Yizhou, leader of the Turing Program Fund Management Team were present at the ceremony, along with representatives from Bytedance, ZhenFund, SenseTime, MSRA, Kuaishou, OPPO and other sponsoring companies of the Turing Class.

Prof. Wang Yizhou was the host of the ceremony. He began by reviewing the objective of the scholarship, followed by expressing gratitude towards Prof. John Hopcroft for his outstanding contributions to PKU’s undergraduate programs and the Turing Class.

Prof. Wang Yizhou

Prof. John Hopcroft extended his appreciation to the sponsoring companies. He has always believed in education beyond classrooms and encourages the best students in China and around the world to illuminate their inquisitive minds and explore different fields, cooperate with scholars from various disciplines so as to develop into leading talents capable of bringing new innovations and developments to China and the world.

Prof. John Hopcroft
Prof. Hu Zhenjiang congratulated the students from the Turing Class for their recent achievements and thanked the sponsoring companies for their continuous support of the training program. He hopes that by immersing themselves in the pool of educational resources, students will be prepared to challenge difficulties and face failures with a mature mentality, allowing them to embrace success graciously in the future.

Prof. Hu Zhenjiang

Then, the representatives of the awarded winning students spoke about their feelings towards the program. Li Qiyue, a student from the Turing Class stated that the lively academic atmosphere and collaborative learning environment in the Turing Class were extremely important to her, and expressed her gratitude towards Prof. John Hopcroft for his kindness and his openness to different ideas and thoughts contributed by all students. Zheng Naiqian shared that the most important lesson he learnt from the Turing Class is to keep calm and focused in face of pressure. He is extremely thankful for the scholarship, which aims to encourage and help more students achieve greater heights in the field of electronic engineering and computer science.

About the Turing Class

Turing Class, founded by PKU School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in 2017, is an elite undergraduate program that draws the cream of the crop from the PKU undergraduate talent pool, aiming to build a world-class undergraduate cultivation base, cultivating a new generation of computer scientist and engineers who are solid in both theories and practices. It has three directions: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information and Computer Science. Professor John E. Hopcroft, Turing Laureate in 1986, a world-leading computer scientist, is deeply involved in designing the cultivation scheme and curriculum of the Turing Program and teaches some courses by himself.

Written by: Fu Jiaqi
Edited by: June Tan Rui Min
Source:PKU News (Chinese)