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PKU Graduate Wang Qining Wins the 5th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award
Nov 19, 2008

Peking University, Beijing, Nov. 18th 2008: Wang Qining, graduate student of Institute of Technology, Peking University, won the Fifth China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award recently.


Wang Qining was a graduate studying for a doctor's degree without taking an entrance exam from 2004, major in General and Fundamental Mechanics of theInstitute of Technology, PKU. He had made outstanding achievements in R&D of multi-robot collaboration systems and intelligent bio-robot research. He made put forward methods for robot-positioning based on dynamic reference objectand thus solved the problem in collaboration positioning of multi-robot systems in the lack of environmental information. He had won approval from international robotics experts, published papers introducing this method and the experimental results of the robots in “IROS06” and “Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence”, and been to introduce his results in the “International Robot Forum” held in Atlanta, USA in July 2007. He also proposed new distributed control methods for the formation control of heterogeneous multi-robot system, causing the concern from international robots community. He was invited, by Professor B. Anderson, former president of the Australian Academy of Sciences, to attend the 17th International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC08), held in Seoul, South Korea, and presented the Invited Paper.


The innovation of Wang Qining had been recognized either in PKU or outside. He had won PKU "May 4" scholarships, PKU Academic Innovation Awards, Morgan Stanley Scholarships, PKU "May 4" Medal and so on. He had given a speech, as a representative of the students in the forum with central leaders, including General Secretary Hu Jintao, and PKU teachers and students in May 2008, in the period of the 110 anniversary of PKU, reporting his progress in scientific research and experience in innovation.


"China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award" was co-sponsored by the Central Communist Youth League, All-China Youth Federation, the National Federation of Students and the National Working Committee to encourage young people play an active role in the establishment of an innovative country and a harmonious socialist society, inspire the innovation spirit of the young, cultivate new talent and promote the implementation of the Strategy of Developing by Relying on Science-Education and Strengthening the Country by Relying on Talents. This was a nation-wide award conferred to selected students from university, primary and middle school. Ninety-six students won the award in the year 2008.


Edited By: Ding Zhilan

Translated By: Chen Zhenxia