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PKU Sets Up First Alumni Matching Fund
Nov 21, 2008

PekingUniversity, Beijing, Nov. 20. 2008: The setting up ceremony of the “Yeh’s Alumni Equal Matching Fund of Peking University” was held in the Centennial Commemorative Hall in the morning of November 18. This is the first alumni matching fund for Peking University (PKU).  Dr. Yeh Meou Tsen, Geoffrey, the founder of this fund and an alumnus of PKU, Mr. Yu Minhong, President of Beijing New Oriental School, and Prof. Zhou Qifeng, President of PKU attended the ceremony. Also presented were Prof. Lin Jianhua, Executive Vice President of PKU, Prof. Miu Jinxiang, Secretary of CPC PKU Committee Office, Deng Ya, Secretary-General of PKU Education Foundation, and Gao Chao, Secretary-General of PKU Alumni Association and Vice Secretary-General of PKU Education Foundation.


In his speech, Prof. Zhou Qifeng first gave Mr. Yeh a warm welcome, and expressed sincere thanks to him for his 5 million RMB donation to set up the “Yeh’s Lu Xun Chair Professor Fund for Social Sciences” two years ago and this “Yeh’s Alumni Equal Matching Fund of Peking University” with 5 million RMB as well. He said: “The establishment of this fund has given a lot of inspiration to the development of PKU. On the other hand, it offers a good example as to attract the society’s attention to concerning and supporting college education, and especially to attract more PKU alumni both at home and aboard, promoting social contributions to education.”


Mr. Yeh said he was very glad to come back to PKU and meet old friends. He expressed that the society of nowadays pays more attention to people’s competence rather than their family backgrounds. Universities are an important base to train talents and to promote the development of modern society. So it is the requirement of our time to guide society to pay more attention to the development of universities. Only when universities have enough access to different resources can they attract excellent professors and train more good students. As a result, he launched this fund, aiming at encouraging more people to donate and contribute to the development of education in PKU and China.


Mr. Yu Minhong donated 2 million RMB to the “Yeh’s Alumni Equal Matching Fund”, which was the first donation to this fund. He said in his speech that it was his honor to gain the support of the fund and make contributions to his alma mater. He said he knew the hardship of receiving an education for the poor students, so he wanted to support them to complete their study in PKU.  He believed that by the effort of so many people, PKU will become a world-class university in his lifetime.


Student representative, graduate student from PKU School of Arts, Wang Naichao, gave sincere thanks to Dr. Yeh Meou Tsen and Mr. Yu Minhong on behalf of all PKU students. And she also expressed that they would take it as an encouragement and make contributions to PKU and society after graduation.


During the ceremony, President Zhou Qifeng and Dr. Yeh Meou Tsen signed the donation agreement. On behalf of PKU, President Zhou presented Dr. Yeh and Mr. Yu with donation certificates. President Zhou also presented a work of calligraphy to Dr. Yeh for his support and contributions to PKU.


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Dr. Yeh Meou Tsen, Geoffrey is a well-known businessman in Hong Kong. He was granted the Silver Bauhinia Star from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. He leaded Hong Kong Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd., which is one of the five biggest construction companies in Hong Kong. Founded over sixty years ago, the company has made great contributions to the prosperity and development of Hong Kong. Dr. Yeh has always been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, and has already made generous donations to a number of education groups.


The targets of “Yeh’s Alumni Equal Matching Fund” are the funds needed in the development of PKU which are donated by PKU alumni. Donations made after September 1st, 2008 will receive a matching fund. (No limits on the amount of donations.) The total matching quota is 5 million RMB and the matching ratio is one to one. This means every donation from the alumni will gain a fund of the same amount from “Yeh’s Alumni Equal Matching Fund”. In the end, PKU will get donations of 10 million RMB.


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Edited by: Seren

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)