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Prof. Wang Xuan Selected in “30 Outstanding People in Thirty-Year's Reform and Opening-Up”
Nov 30, 2008

Peking University, Beijing, Nov. 24, 2008: The list of the “30 Outstanding People in Thirty-Year's Reform and Opening-Up” was released on November 24 by Nanfang Media Group in order to commemorate the thirty-years’ reform and opening-up of China. Prof. Wang Xuan, the inventor of the Laser Phototypesetting Technology for Chinese characters,gained this title together with 29 other people.


In the ceremony held in White Swan Hotel, the selected thirty most influential people expressed their sentiments of the reform and opening-up by giving speeches by themselves or their relatives, video speeches, or giving inscriptions. Prof. Chen Kunqiu, Prof. Wang Xuan's wife, said in her speech that Prof. Wang Xuan began to research the Chinese characters laser phototypesetting system thirty years ago when it was also the time our country started reforming and opening to the outside world. She told us that he had expressed many times that the reform and opening-up policy and the National Science Conference held in 1978 were like a spring breeze which brought the spring of China’s development of technologies. He was able to put the research achievements into practical productivity at last by his hard work and encouragement from the government. She also expressed her respect and memory to the pioneers in the reform and opening-up who had even more courage and determination, and she thought compared with them, Prof. Wang Xuan had only been his responsible as a scientist.


The selection of the “30 Outstanding People in Thirty-Year's Reform and Opening-Up” started in March this year. After nine months, one hundred candidates were selected from one thousand people by polls conducted on the Internet and via text messages. Then by the strict assessment of the jury of twelve well-known experts, thirty people were selected from the fields of politics, business, academia, science, culture, and sports.


List of the "30 Outstanding People in Thirty-Year's Reform and Opening-Up"

·Yu Guangyuan: Famous economist, political commentator and social activist, and the witness and participant of the reform and opening-up and contemporary

·18 villagers in Xiaogang Village: They were the first ones to use the household production system thirty years ago.

·Ma Huateng: Executive Director, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tencent, Inc.

·Ma Shengli: The first man to contract the national enterprises

·Wang Shi: President of China Vanke Co., Ltd. , leading figure in China's real estate buisness

·Wang Xuan: The inventor of Laser Phototypesetting Technology for Chinese characters

·Teresa Teng: Legendary Taiwan singer

·Nian Guangjiu: The founder of “Shagua Guzi” brand, "No.1 Retailer" in China

·Ren Zhongyi: Former Secretary of Guangdong Province Committee of the CPC, pioneer of the Reform and Opening-up.

·Jiang Ping: Former President of China University of Political Science and Law who has given great contribution to the development of national legislation

·Du Rongsheng: Expert on China’s rural problem

·Yang Liwei: The first Chinese astronaut

·Wu Nansheng: The first Secretary of Shenzhen Committee of the CPC

·Wu Jinglian: One of the most influential economists in China, the winner of the first China Economics Award

·Zhang Yimou: One of the most famous film dirctors

·Zhang Jinming: The Vice-Secretary of Ya’an City Committee of the CPC in Sichuan Province

·Louis Cha: Famous novelist who has created a serious of classic novels about the martial arts

·Zhou Rijin: Famous political commentator and journalist

·Lang Ping: Famous volleyball athlete and coach

·Xiang Nan: Former Secretary of Fujian Province Committee of the CPC

·Hu Fuming and Xiong Changjiang: Both of them are Commentators for Guangming Daily and the author of “Practice is the Only Test of Truth”

·Liu Chuanzhi: President of Legend Holdings Ltd. and one of the earliest entrepreneurs

·Zhong Nanshan: Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, leader in fighting with SARS

·Yao Ming: Famous basketball athlete and the representative of Chinese culture in NBA

·Yuan Geng: The founder of Shekou industrial area in Shenzhen

·Yuan Longping: Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering known for developing the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s

·Gao Yaojie: Retired Professor of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of TCM who has given contributions on controlling the AIDS

·Xue Muqiao: Famous economist in China

·Fok Yingtong: Well-known Hong Kong businessman, social activist, famous patriot

·He Xiangjian: Chairman of Board of Directors of Midea Group


Edited By: Seren

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)