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Opening Ceremony of Digital China Development Forum 2008 & CIO Summit Conference Held at PKU
Dec 15, 2008

PekingUniversity, Beijing, Dec. 11, 2008: The Opening Ceremony of the Digital China Development Forum (DCDF) 2008 & the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Summit Conference was held in Centennial Commemorative Hall of Peking University (PKU) on December 6 with the theme of “The ‘Digital China’ Strategy and Practice to Promote Industrialization and Informationization”. The forum was cosponsored by PKU and the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE).


Prof. Zhou Qifeng, President of PKU, Prof. Xu Gunahua, the Chairman of the Subcommittee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Prof. Wang Qinmin, Member of the CPPCC and the academician of International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia (IASEA), Prof. Zhou Hongren, the Executive Vice Minister of the Advisory Committee for State Informationization  (ACSI), and Mr. Xu Yu, Director of the Department of Informational Promotion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China attended the ceremony. Prof. Tong Qingxi, Dean of the Institute of Digital China, PKU, and Mr. Guo Huadong, Secretary-General of the ISDE served as the Executive Chairman of the Forum.


Prof. Zhou Qifeng made an important speech during the ceremony. He mentioned in his speech that 2008 is an unusual year when China has experienced many disasters as well as realized a lot of dreams such as the successful host of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the launch of Shenzhou-7, both of which exhibited the grace, strength and confidence of China to the world. And this year is also a key year because we made significant progress in the national economy informationization and Digital China which satisfied the developing blueprint of the industrialization, informationization, urbanization, maketization, and internationalization to the national economy proposed in the 17th Congress. The foundation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by the State Councilindicated the recognition of the government to the integration of industrialization and informtization.


He also stressed in his speech that PKU has responsibilities to promote the national informationization and the sustainable development of Digital China as a comprehensive university with so many different disciplines covering the areas of social science, humanities, science, engineering, and medicine. In this year, PKU paid great attention to the research and technology innovation in the remote sensing, the Geographic Information System, and the satellite navigation to fulfill the huge informationizationand Digital China requirements of the development of national economy by providing support to the related departments to encourage them to search for their own effective developing modes, and cooperating actively with the society as well. He also gave sincere thanks to the leaders and experts who gave great support and passion to the development of the Institute of Digital China, PKU.


Prof. Zhou Qifeng said that it was a big event in the field of the Digital China to hold this forum in which there would be multi-level discussions on the theme of the forum which would have great significance. He pointed out that the penetrating judgment from the high-level government leaders, experts at home and abroad, and famous entrepreneurs on the opportunities and challenges of Digital China might become the developing direction in the future. So on behalf of PKU, he gave heartfelt thanks to the related departments and experts for their hard work in preparing this forum, and hoped them to support the development of PKU and the Institute of Digital China continuously.


After Prof. Zhou Qifeng’s speech, Mr. Xu Yu and Mr. Guo Huadong delivered speeches respectively. Then by the announcement of Prof. Tong Qingxi, Prof. Wang Qinmin gave the “Special Olympics Contribution Award” to the Spatial Data Research Center of the Institute of Digital China. Principals of six projects received certificates from Prof. Zhou Hongren, Mr. Xu Yu, Prof. Wang Yiqiu, Mr. Guo Huadong, Mr. Wang Keran, and Mr. Zou Sheng for the innovation rewards.


Then Prof. Tong Qingxi announced that it decided that the Informationization Governance Research Center of the Institute of Digital China will be set up, which will promote its work under the guidance of the Department of Informational Promotion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and hire Mr. Xu Yu and Mr. Chen Fuxiao as the dean of the management committee of the center and the dean of the center respectively. In the mean time, they also have planned to set up a branch in the southern China which is under preparation. At last, the ceremony was ended in the excellent speeches delivered by Prof. Xu Guanhua, Mr. Zou Sheng, Director of the Information Industry of Guangdong Province,and Mr. Sun Chengzhi, Vice-Director of the Department of National Land Surveying and Mapping of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.


The forum, ended in the morning of December 8, lasted two days for the participants to discuss on the subjects of management strategies, technology innovations, personnel training, and application demonstration on the development of Digital China in the new phase of China, and share experience on the research of key technologies and projects’ practices by the forms of theme lectures, integrated forum, CIO Summit Conference and fourteen thematic forums.


Edited By: Seren

Translated By: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)