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Alumni Chen Huxiong Donates Lifetime Savings to “Physics Education Fund”
Dec 15, 2008

Peking University, Beijing, December 10, 2008: An establishment ceremony for the “Chen Huxiong Physics Education Fund” was held in the Physics Department.  Present at the ceremony were: the founder of the fund, Physics Class of 77’ Alumni Chen Huxiong’s parents, Academician Chen Jingxiong and Ms. Chang Jufang, President of PKU Academician Zhou QiFeng, and Dean of PKU Physics Department Ye Yanlin.


Dr. Chen Huxiong was one of the persons in charge in the Peking University Alumni Association of Northern California (PKUAANC) before his unfortunate death from illness in 2005.  Dr. Chen’s parents wanted to show their gratitude towards PKU for the great education and care PKU provided for their son by donating Dr. Chen’s lifetime savings of 200,000 US dollars to PKU to set up a non-expendable fund to be used in the Physics Department mainly as scholarships, faculty grants and other projects to help improve Peking University’s education. This amount, along with “Peking University Alumni Ye-Family Equal Corpus Ratio-Fund” added up to the total sum of 400,000 US dollars.


President Zhou showed his greatest appreciation and respect toward Academician Chen Jingxiong and Ms. Chang Jufang, noting in his speech that Dr. Chen Huxiong and his parents are a family which share deep origins with PKU. Not only did Dr. Chen Huxiong performed superbly in academic areas, he was also always eager to help others. Dr. Chen had leadership qualities, and as one of the persons in charge of the PKUAANC, he served his fellow alumni, alma mater, community, as well as uniting the alumni of PKU. President Zhou went on saying, “Today’s donation represents Chen Huxiong’s love and care for PKU, as well as high hopes for PKU’s Physics Department in the future. Students in the Physics Department should view this as Dr. Chen Huxiong’s care and encouragement for them.” Zhou also praised Physics Department class of 77’ as being a united class and very caring towards PKU, setting a great example for the other alumni of PKU.


Dr. Chen Huxiong’s father, Academician Chen Jingxiong and a representative from the class of 77’ Hu Boping both spoke at the ceremony.


Finally, the Dean of PKU Physics Department Ye Yanlin showed his gratefulness towards all the alumni who have showed concern for the development and construction of the Physics Department. In the recent five years, the Physics Department has won numerous awards. Ye Yanlin believes that under the persistence of all the student and staff body, the Physics Department is sure to have a great future.


Translated by: Connie Chang

Edited by: Wang Yi

Source: PKU News (Chinese)