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Peking University unveils “Global Excellence Strategy”
Jun 18, 2019
Peking University, June 18, 2019: On its 121st founding anniversary, Peking University officially released the "Global Excellence Strategy", an international blueprint implemented to respond changes in the new era, expand its reform and broaden Peking University’s global presence.

The planning process for this newly implemented strategy lasted for a year. During this period of time, 10 drafts were produced, with each undergoing multiple revisions. The strategy carries out the global vision of the University and embodies the spirit of exploration. It is Peking University’s milestone to promote the reform and development in the new era on a global scale.

Challenges in the new era

The world today is witnessing significant changes that are unprecedented in a century and we are standing on the brink of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which will fundamentally bring systematic and disruptive changes to all walks of life. Being an important force in leading social progress, the University is deeply intertwined with this upcoming historic transition. New methods of disseminating knowledge is wavering the University’s control over higher level knowledge, and new things that span across disciplines, fields, and industries will have great impacts on the existing disciplinary structure of the University. Furthermore, the strong momentum of artificial intelligence and the growing popularity of tailored-made education urge universities to reform the training model of students; the main source of scientific and technological innovations is slowly shifting from universities to enterprises. Thus, carrying out all-round, interdisciplinary integration and innovation become an essential way for the University to tackle challenges and sustain vitality.

Presently, amid the new round of reform and opening-up, China’s top-tier universities, led by the Double-Class University development strategy and driven by the reform and opening-up, are striving to promote the development of higher education and improve the quality and efficiency of their institutions, aiming to help China become a higher education power. As China's first national comprehensive university, Peking University has always been able to survive in ups and downs and live up to expectations. Over the past 120-odd years of its founding, generations of Peking University’s students and alumni have bravely marched forward, and have demonstrated patriotism, progress, and democracy as well as creating a rigorous, realistic, and innovative style of learning in support of freedom of thought, and an all-inclusive academic spirit.

Today, Peking University carries the responsibility of shaping a brighter future for China and the rest of the world. It brings together global resources, incorporates Chinese characteristics into the building of its campus, gathers a world-class international intellectual community, and cultivates people that will contribute to the national rejuvenation and the community with a shared future for mankind.

New goals in the new era

The “Global Excellence Strategy” aims to enhance international exchanges and cooperation, overcome development barriers, gather high-quality resources and stimulate collegial progress. This will not only promote the collaborative spirit amongst universities, but also between universities and the society, industries and academic research fields. This will also drive the development of Peking University, as it transits into making an impact not only within the community but also on a global scale, thus leading its way towards excellence.

Six development concepts

The information age opened by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is also called the “cloud era”. The Global Excellence Strategy is built based on the corresponding word meanings opened by each letter in the English word “CLOUDS”.

C stands for creativity and it is a strategic approach to international development. Creativity has become the main driving force for the development of human civilization, and many problems faced by mankind rely on collaborative creativity to be resolved. Peking University will enhance collaborative creativity when it comes to scientific research, and generously pool in high-quality scientific research resources.

L stands for leadership and it is a strategic role in the international development of Peking University. Standing up to the tide and leading the times are the roles of Peking University’s students. The future talents should not only have extensive background knowledge and an open, inclusive, collaborative spirit, but also be equipped with innovation, exploration skills and a lifelong learning ability. In pursuit of the world’s highest level of education, Peking University will innovate the education and teaching system and educate talents in the world to possess international vision and cross-cultural communication competence.

O stands for openness and it is the strategic path of international development at Peking University. Openness brings progress while closure leads to backwardness. The degree of interconnection of all mankind is unprecedented, and the problems and challenges faced are endless. Expanding openness, enhancing exchanges and cooperation are essential for the development of higher education in the world today. Peking University will continue to participate in exchanges and cooperation with universities and international community around the world to achieve development.

U stands for uniqueness and it is the strategic foundation of the international development of Peking University. The new era of globalization is a time filled with more distinctive personality. Each university’s nation has its own unique historical heritage, cultural heritage and spiritual core, which encourages civilized exchanges and mutual learning. In the new era, Peking University will adhere to its Chinese characteristics, as it contributes unique oriental color to the forest of world-class universities.

D stands for diversity, which is the strategic carrier of the international development of Peking University. The combination of diversity, uniqueness and integration creates an organic and harmonious whole. Peking University will fully respect, appreciate, care for the diversity of civilization, and actively build a multicultural environment to attract the world's talents and to promote global intellectual gathering and symbiosis.

S stands for shaping, which is the strategic mission of the international development of Peking University. Its core is to enhance the ability of Peking University to lead the times and to contribute to the world through its global shaping.

Six paths toward improvement

1. Enhancing innovation and creating practical results so as to encourage international collaborative innovation in research. The focus will be put on serving the national strategy and enhancing the strength of the University.

2. Strengthening capabilities to lead the future and the overall cultivation of global talent. Focusing on optimizing the international education system with the purpose of not only to nurture global talents but also to cultivate talents for the globe, especially talents of global governance.

3. Building an international academic community based on openness and mutual benefits. Continuously improving the global interconnection system of Peking University, focusing on building global strategic partnerships, and actively serving the major country diplomacy with China’s characteristics

4. With Peking University’s Chinese characteristics in mind, striving for a unique paradigm when it comes to international exchanges. Building a Peking University school for Humanities and Social Sciences, being dedicated to projects concerning the Belt and Road Initiative and actively participating in the formulation of international academic rules.

5. Building a first-class international intellectual study ground with a high-quality international campus and striving to achieve international diversity amongst the faculty.

6. Shaping the international development dynamic and supporting the realization of institutional mechanisms, improving resource allocation and creating staff synergy.

Six major action plans

The six action plans include: International Research Collaborative Innovation Program, Global Excellent Talents Program, Global Excellence in New Connectivity Program, International Development Special Action Plan, International Intelligence Knowledge Hub Building Program, and Global Collaborative Initiative.

Since its founding, Peking University has launched itself on a journey to create a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. The new “Global Excellence Strategy” gathers ideas, intelligence, and reflects the responsibility of Peking University. In the new era, Peking University will continue to strive for excellence and harness its international strength to shape a better future.

Written by: June Tan Rui Min
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: PKU News (