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An Interview with PKU Spokesman on Loss of Prof. Ji’s Collection
Nov 13, 2008

Peking University, Beijing, Nov. 12th, 2008: Recently, journalists from PKU News website had an interview with the spokesman of Peking University concerning the loss of Professor Ji Xianlin’s collections.


The spokesman introduced relevant information and said that Professor Ji Xianlin is a master in the academic circle highly regarded by all students and faculties in PKU. PKU will always respect Prof. Ji’s wishes, and will arrange his medical care and accommodations delicately to offer him a favorable working environment.


PKU has attached extreme importance to the news of the loss of Prof. Ji’s collections. A special team was formed to inquire into the matter. Till now, the team has been working on the following aspects of investigation:


PKU assembled a team of people from relevant departments and people who are acquainted with Prof. Ji to handle this issue. Commissioned by Prof. Ji, they checked all the calligraphies and paintings in his house. The result showed that Prof. Ji’s collections kept by Secretary Yan Rui have never been taken out.


According to Prof. Ji, some calligraphies and paintings owned by others with the inscription of Ji Xianlin are not his authentic works. Meanwhile, it also drew the team’s attention that some media have checked those works and found them fake ones. Furthermore, the team has received some written certifications stating that the collection is a forgery. Some experts and students of Prof. Jo also believed these collections are questionable concerning their contents, details of inscription and owners’ acquaintance with Prof. Ji.


The special team will conduct further investigation thoroughly and conscientiously on this issue. As for the calligraphies and paintings that are not in the charge of PKU, we call for helps from related departments.


The work team timely reported to related departments to seek for cooperation. It has been revealed that “Beijing Jin Zhao International Auction ltd.” which auctioned “some of Prof. Ji’ s collections” in 2007 reported by some press was established on 16th May, 2003, and the registered address is No.2 Cai Gezhuang village, Miao Cheng, Huai Rou District, Beijing, and the juridical representative is Ma Shuqin.


The work team has been to Huai Rou district to investigate into this company. According to the head of Cai Gezhuang village said, there is no such person called Ma Shuqin. The result of consulting Miao Cheng Commerce Bureau showed, this company didn’t exist, neither did this person.


The result of one research on the Internet led the work team to “No.41 Northern Road, Xi Zhimen, Beijing”, which is the published address of this company. It turns out to be a community. The community agency told us that once there were some people doing business on calligraphies and paintings, but they had already been away long time ago.


PKU expects supports from related department to investigate this issue in further steps in order to reveal the truth.


The spokesman appreciated the care from media and public. He also hoped that the media should respect the truth and laws and report objectively.


Edited by: Cai Ying

Translated by: Xiang Yunke