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Professor Pan Wenshi Wins Ford Motor Ecological Civilization Contribution Award
Dec 04, 2008

Peking University, Beijing, Dec. 4th 2008:

The awarding ceremony of the Ninth "Ford Motor Conservation & Environmental Grants, China" (CEGC) was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing recently. The highest grant newly established this year, Ecological Civilization Contribution Award, went to Professor Pan Wenshi from Research Center on Ecological Civilization at Peking University, in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of China's rare animals’ research and protection and promoting the improvement of China’s ecological environment and farmers’ livelihood as well as the sustainable development over the past 25 years.


This year, 21 civilian environmental protection groups and individuals were granted a total of 1.5 million Yuan project funds. Among them there was one "Ecological Civilization Contribution Award", nine "Natural Environmental Protection Award"(including nomination award), eight "Award for the Dissemination of Ecological Civilization" (including nomination award), and three "Harmonious Ecological Communities Award"(including nomination award).


As one of the pioneers studying China's wild pandas, Professor Pan Wenshi spent 13 years on in-depth research and protection of giant pandas since the 1980s. In 1996, he transferred from the Qinling Mountains to Zuo Nongguan mountain areas in Guang Xi Province to improve the living standard, education and medical conditions of local farmers while maintaining biodiversity in that area. After 12 years of scientific research and substantial efforts, he has made the 24 square kilometers Rock Hill Karst Ecosystem the last habitat for the rare species -- white headed langur, and achieved a balance between local farmers’ livelihood and local biodiversity. From the year 2005 on, Professor Pan devoted himself to the research and protection of national-level rare species -- Chinese white dolphin in San Niangwan, Qinzhou. He provided scientific references for the government's decision-making in "Development of the Beibu Gulf". After 25 years' scientific research and social practice, Professor Pan Wenshi has explored a set of methods to preserve and improve the ecological environment, and his work has made significant contribution to China's ecological civilization.


"Ford Motor Conservation & Environmental Grants" sponsored by the world's leading automobile corporation Ford Motor is one of the world's top awarding activities in  environmental protection. Over the past 20 years, more than 120,000 groups and individuals from 62 countries and regions of the five continents participated in this event.


"Ford Motor Conservation & Environmental Grants" came to China in 2000 with an annual award of 1 million Yuan. In 2006 the total prize rose to 1.05 million Yuan. During the past nine years, a total of 155 environmental protection groups and individuals from mainland China won financial support from this grant, with another 48 groups or individuals won the nomination award.



Translated by: Xiang Yunke 

Edited by: Cai Ying 

Source: PKU News (Chinese)