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My PKU Story | Cherlin Xu: Grow as I graduate
Jul 04, 2023
By Cherlin Xu

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Cherlin Xu

Editor’s note: Graduation symbolizes a significant transition, marking the culmination of years of hard work and studious dedication, as one embarks on a fresh chapter in life. To celebrate this graduation season, PKU News has invited graduates to reflect upon their experiences at the University and is publishing a collection of stories under the theme "My PKU Story." In the following article, let’s hear from Cherlin Xu, a graduate of the School of Journalism and Communication; she hails from the United States.
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Peking University, July 4, 2023: During my time in China, I have undergone significant growth and development, both personally and academically. When I first arrived on campus in the fall of 2018, I was filled with nervousness and uncertainty about my future. However, over the course of my studies, I have been challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone, allowing me to develop important skills and qualities that have helped me both in my academic pursuits and in my personal life.

As I stepped onto this campus for the first time, I felt nervous, naive, and uncertain about what I wanted from life. But as I sit in my dorm surrounded by suitcases and ambitious dreams, I can honestly say that coming here was the best decision I could have made. The thought-provoking classes, countless nights of studying, and great times with friends have all molded me into the person I am today. I am grateful for the opportunities and challenges that college has presented me, and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn as I navigate this new chapter of my life.

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Xu with friends from the debate club

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While in school, I joined all kinds of activities and events, which helped me prosper and improve. The debate club helped me improve my logical reasoning and overcome my nervousness about public speaking. Through rigorous practice and preparation for debates, I learned how to think critically and communicate persuasively, skills that have been invaluable in my communications major. Additionally, the campus news allowed me to hone my writing and interviewing skills, as I conducted research and wrote articles on a variety of topics. These extracurricular activities not only provided a break from my academic studies, but also allowed me to develop important skills that will serve me well in my future endeavors.
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Xu with classmates

Throughout my college years, I have also developed a profound admiration and affection for China, as well as for the culture and history that it embodies. By engaging in coursework, extracurricular activities, and interactions with Chinese students and scholars, I have had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the rich and diverse traditions of this ancient civilization. From studying the poetic works of Su Shi to exploring the numerous cultural museums in Beijing, I have consistently been inspired and awed by the depth and breadth of Chinese culture. Above all, my time in college has taught me the importance of approaching China and its people with an open mind and eagerness to learn. I consider myself fortunate to have had this chance to broaden my horizons in such a meaningful way.

Long story short, coming to Peking University has been both transformative and enriching. My experience in China has helped me to become a better-rounded and confident individual, and I am excited to see where these newfound skills and experiences will take me in the future.
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Edited by: Dennis Meng
Photos by: Cherlin Xu