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PKU New Faces | Welcoming three pairs of twin PKUers from Chongqing
Aug 29, 2023
Editor’s note: In this series, let’s discover the vibrant tales of our incoming students as they set forth on their academic voyage at Peking University. 

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From left to right: Xiong Yingxiang, Xiong Junxiang, Deng Jinwen, Deng Shengwen, Li Qiuheng, Li Qiuhan

Peking University, August 29, 2023: Amongst PKU’s fall 2023 intake, what are the odds of there being three sets of twins, all from Chongqing Municipality, and all who excel in their passions? Let’s get to know these outstanding twins and their incredible journey to PKU.

Xiong Yingxiang and Xiong Junxiang

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The Xiong twins at Peking University West Gate

Before entering PKU, both Xiong Yingxiang and Xiong Junxiang were gold medallists in the National Olympiad in Informatics. Between preparing for admissions and competitions, they always had each other’s backs. In one of their competitions, Junxiang’s performance was less than ideal; seeing his brother dejected, Yingxiang had hoped it was him that did worse instead, the brothers later recalled. 

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Double gold medal certificates by the Xiong twins

The two first stepped into PKU in their second year of high school. At the time, studying at PKU was but a faraway dream that they hesitated to even say out loud. But in the upcoming four years, Junxiang will continue to refine his knowledge and expertise in information technology, while Yingxiang will move to pursue his interest in life sciences, in their dream school. 

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The Xiong twins enjoy extracurricular activities

Li Qiuheng and Li Qiuhan
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Li Qiuheng (left) and Li Qiuhan

From preparing for the biology Olympiad together to studying for China’s college entrance exam (or gaokao), until twins Li Qiuheng and Li Qiuhan got their admission letters in the mail, this chapter of their story was an inspiring and fulfilling one. 

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The Li twins study together with classmates

The brothers managed to keep up with each other all the way. They both won first prize in the 2021 and 2022 China High School Biology Olympiad and second prize in the 2022 China High School Olympiad, and eventually received the same admission results — being accepted into the Peking University School of Life Sciences. Even though they both have drastically different routines, habits and lifestyles, their goals and hearts remained aligned and will continue to be so as they navigate college life and their passion for biology. 

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The Li twins and their mother

Deng Jinwen and Deng Shengwen

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A photo of the Deng twins

Deng Jinwen was the first-prize winner in the Chinese Physics Olympiad, while Deng Shengwen was the first-prize winner in the Chinese Chemistry Olympiad. Like how chemistry and physics reinforce each other, the same applies to Jinwen and Shengwen. They share each other’s joy, burdens, and grow into better versions of themselves side by side. 

When recalling the awe he felt when watching the PKU admission short film “Starry Sky Diaries,” Deng Jinwen said, “I think that was when it started, my interest in astrophysics.” “From then I’ve dreamed of coming to PKU to look up at this ‘academic starry sky’.”

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Written by: Chan Zi Qing
Edited by: Dennis Meng
Source: PKU News (Chinese)