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Chengdu Universiade torch relay: Stories of the seven PKU torchbearers
Jun 13, 2023
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Chengdu Universiade torch relay starts at Peking University

Peking University, June 13, 2023: The Flame Relay Launch Ceremony of the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games was held at Peking University on June 10, 2023. Among the 31 torchbearers, seven were representatives from PKU. Let us hear about their experiences at the torch relay!

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▲ 4th torchbearer: Xing Yan’an

Xing Yan’an is an associate professor at the Department of Physical Education and a coach for the high-level track and field team. He represented China at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and was the first torchbearer for the Shenzhen Universiade in 2011.
Xing Yan’an’s message: “It is a great honor to participate in the torch relay as a teacher. I’m not just passing on the torch, but also conveying my love for sports. I hope that Chinese and international youth will follow the Chengdu Universiade. May the athletes achieve excellent results!”

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▲ 23rd torchbearer Liu Yuxin

Liu Yuxin is a first-year graduate student at the School of Economics.
Liu Yuxin’s message: I am honored to be selected as a torchbearer. I hope athletes from all over the world can fully demonstrate their ability and attain good results at the Games!

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▲ 25th torchbearer: Xie Zhiyu

Xie Zhiyu is a Class of 2018 undergraduate student at the School of Journalism and Communication. He won the 400-meter hurdles event at China's 14th National Games in 2021.
Xie Zhiyu’s message: “The spirit of the Universiade coincides with the sportsmanship of Peking University. As a PKU student and a Chinese track and field athlete, I am honored to be able to pass on the symbol of world peace, friendship and solidarity.”

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▲ 26th torchbearer: Amangeldiyev Sapargeldi

Amangeldiyev Sapargeldi is a third-year undergraduate student at the College of Engineering. He comes from Turkmenistan and represented PKU at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.
Sapargeldi’s message: “Passing on the torch conveys the courage to dream and to try one’s best. It also symbolizes the spread of innovative spirit and love.”

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27th torchbearer: Zhang Xiaoshuai

Zhang Xiaoshuai is a third-year graduate student at the Peking University Second School of Clinical Medicine. He has carried out a series of clinical research on the drug-resistance mechanism of chronic myeloid leukemia. He is the 2022 PKU Student of the Year.
Zhang Xiaoshuai’s message: “I am extremely happy and honored to participate in the Universiade as a torchbearer. Good health is the prerequisite for all growth and progress.”

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29th torchbearer: Yao Bingchen

Yao Bingchen is a first-year undergraduate student at the School of Physics. He enrolled at PKU just after finishing the 9th grade.
Yao Bingchen’s message: “As a PKUer from Chengdu, I am honored to participate in the relay of the torch ‘Ronghuo’ for the 31st Universiade. I wish the Universiade a complete success and wish all athletes the best!”

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Last torchbearer: Ding Ning

Ding Ning is a second-year graduate student at the PKU Department of Physical Education. She is the table tennis women’s singles champion at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and has completed a Grand Slam.

Ding Ning’s message: “It is a great honor to participate in the torch relay of the Chengdu Universiade during my study at Peking University. I hope that all participants will carry forward the spirit of competitive sports and enjoy sports. May all the student athletes (in the Games) achieve excellent results!”

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With the torch relay, the countdown to the 31st FISU World University Games has officially begun. All the best to the participants!

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Reported and written by: Wu Jiayun
Edited by: Dennis Meng
Photos by: Wang Tiantian, Li Xianghua, Song Mengli, Cao Qianqian, Yan Linlin, Cao Hanxiao, Nie Mingjun, Wang Han
Designed by: Chao Ranran